Government Transportation

ALSDFW is proud to provide the men and women in the US Military with charter bus transportation. Choosing the right charter bus company for the U.S. Military requires strict standards. Transportation companies who wish to provide service to the Military are required to pass a rigorous safety inspection given every 2 years. ALSDFW above standard transportation company that has passed military inspection. We proudly supports the U.S. Military troops by extending transportation services for various purposes. We have experience providing transportation for the Military for troop deployment, as well as transporting troops to their training areas. Only DOD-approved charter carriers are allowed to transport DOD passengers. We ensure only the best and safest transportation for the U.S. Military.

We are approved to carry military personnel by the Department of Transportation to provide charter bus service for military ground transportation movements.

    We can provide:
  • Facility to Facility Movements
  • To and From Military Exercises
  • Military Personnel Redeployment
  • Military Personnel Airport Transfers
  • Military Spouse/Family Bus Service